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We have clear objectives driving all our marketing activities *

Each marketing activity is tied to a business goal *

We have documented how we will grow our business *

We know the capabilities and market position of our competitors *

We know what makes our company unique *

We have a plan to communicate our vision and values to our target market *

Use the rating below to indicate how effective your current website is in communicating what your company is about? *

Our website has Google Analytics installed on it? *

We use insights from Google Analytics (or similar product) to guide modifications to our website *

We have identified at least 2 social media channels where we will engage potential customers *

We have a documented social media strategy *

We know the topics or questions that our existing and potential clients want to know about *

Our website is updated with a new blog post at least once a month *

How would you rate your current blogging activities in terms of effectiveness in engaging your audience *

There is a clear way to contact us on our website *

We have a growing emailing list *

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What is your average open rate for your email campaigns? *

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We have visibility of a sales pipeline that is larger than our revenue target *

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